Welcome To Captured Moment Media

Welcome to our website we are Brisbane based photographers. We work across a range of photographic areas including corporate, head-shots, commercial and more. We work with the latest technologies to deliver quality images including drones and digital mirror-less cameras.

We are open for business and would love to discuss your photographic needs. For more information please call us on 0437 633 321 or email us via our contact page.

Martin Mills – Lead Photographer

Our lead photographer has worked in the creative space for over 25 years and been working to build photography skills for the last 7 years. Martin has a great eye for capturing moments that really show the true nature of the shoot. Sometimes that unscripted or unplanned shot turns out to be the shot that rules them all. He always goes into the shoot with a plan and brief from the client but looks for the opportunity to capture that one magical moment that happens in every shoot.

Martin is passionate about his photography and when not working on client projects and creative projects you will most likely find him out there participating in workshops. Are you looking to get out and shoot whether for practice or social activity? Why not join our social meetup group.


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